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Barbera 2006

Perfectly healthy Barbera grapes from the best Pasji rep sites were picked manually in nice sunny weather. The grapes were destalked immediately and put into wine fermenters and the fermentation started six hours after. Controlled fermentation in CO2 atmosphere lasted for 5 weeks. The temperature during the fermentation did not exceed 22°C.

Soft pressing followed and further ageing in big black locust barrels.

High-quality wine with certified geographic origin.

The Vipava Valley
Vintage 2006
Alcohol content 13, 55% vol

Exceptionally clear, vividly ruby coloured with purple reflections on the edge of the glass. Pleasant fruity aroma of ripe blackcurrant and blackberry nicely complemented with vanilla and nutmeg note. It offers warm taste with a pronounced freshness. The maturation in an acacia barrel has left pleasant tannins which will preserve the wine and will accompany it in its further development.


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